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Updated 27th February 2016

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Welcome to Milk Float Corner, to the best of my knowledge the only site on the web dedicated to "our friends electric" - the humble milk float. Designed for reliability, durability, and quietness of operation, milk floats are also pollution-free as they glide around during the early hours, and for most people who keep normal hours, the only evidence that they exist at all is the appearance of a pint of milk on the doorstep each morning. But although they may be inconspicuous, they are appealing little vehicles and this page aims to give them a bit more recognition.

A typical milk float consists of a very sturdy chassis, to carry the weight of batteries and milk whilst requiring a minimum of maintenance. Onto this is built a basic cab structure and a canopy. This formula makes for a simple and virtually indestructible vehicle, and it is not uncommon for milk floats to last over 30 years in service - many examples dating from the 1960s are still in service today in various parts of the country. There are also chilled floats, in which the rear end is enclosed so that the milk can be kept colder throughout the distribution process; the enclosed area tends to have sliding doors for ease of access.

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