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This page contains approximate fleetlists for certain dairies/depots at points in time. All fleetlists from elsewhere on the site have been moved here as they are probably no longer current.

Eventually I would like to attempt to build a database of all current and former floats of all operators, for which any additional contributions are very welcome.

All of the lists on this page are based solely on observations, either mine or those of other enthusiasts. They are not official lists.

Co-op, Didcot - December 1978

Thanks to Dave Harrison for the following information.

In December 1978, the fleet allocated to the Didcot distribution depot consisted of:

21 GFC
557 BWL
558 BWL
967 FFC

968 FFC was also a regular visitor, along with 22 GFC which covered for maintainance swaps. Often the serviced floats would be driven to Didcot under their own steam, the charge just enough to cover the journey.

Co-op Midlands Dairies, Oxford - 1999

The following fleet list summarises vehicles believed to be owned or used by Co-op Midlands Dairies in Oxford during Summer 1999.

Fleet No.Registration No.LiveryLogoTypeMake
9297VVP 297WhiteNewChilledUnknown
9990HUD 990WCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 RUD 452XCreamNewOpenUnknown
 RUD 473XCreamNoneOpenM&M Electricar
9003AJO 3YCreamNewOpenSmiths
 AJO 6YCreamNewOpenSmiths
 AJO 7YCreamNewOpenSmiths
7272FJO 272YWhiteOldOpenSmiths Cabac
 FUD 995YCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 GUD 317YWhiteOldOpenSmiths Cabac
8216HJO 216YWhiteNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 A938 JUDCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
9939A939 JUDCreamNewChilledSmiths Cabac
7944A944 JUDWhiteOldOpenSmiths Cabac
9946A946 JUDCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 A948 JUDCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 A949 JUDWhiteOldOpenSmiths Cabac
 A953 JUDCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
9955A955 JUDCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 A957 JUDWhiteNewOpenSmiths Cabac
9760A760 RJOWhiteNewChilledSmiths Cabac
9761A761 RJOWhiteNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 A102 RUDWhiteNewOpenSmiths Cabac
9116B116 TBWCreamNewOpenSmiths Cabac
 B121 TBWWhiteNewOpenSmiths Cabac

Liveries: Colour of cab is given. The roof is blue in all cases except 9939 which has a cream roof. Generally, milk floats in the older white livery have black front bumpers, those in the newer cream have blue front bumpers.

Logos: "Old" is turquoise box with white "co op" inside, with "CENTRAL MIDLANDS" in black above, and diagonal turquoise stripes. "New" is blue "co op" logo with blue underscore and "Midlands" below also in blue. B121 TBW has the new logo applied over the old.

Express Dairies, Southport - 2000-2002

This list summarises vehicles observed operating in Southport during the period 2000-2002; they may not all have been in the fleet at the same time.

Registration No.Type
LNE 428GMorrison Electricar
MCM 427GMorrison Electricar
MNC 872GMorrison Electricar (enclosed)
DWE 755HMorrison Electricar
JWA 317JSmiths
KWA 210JMorrison Electricar
LWE 766KMorrison Electricar
WWE 996MMorrison Electricar
GMH 624N 
GTJ 898N 
KYC 385NMorrison Electricar
KKA 960PWales and Edwards Rangemaster
KKA 966PWales and Edwards Rangemaster
LLV 663RWales and Edwards Rangemaster
LKD 249RMorrison Electricar
MBG 173RWales and Edwards Rangemaster
RCM 692TWales and Edwards (4 wheeled)
EMF 753V 
UWM 905VWales and Edwards (4 wheeled)
ALV 374XWales and Edwards Rangemaster
CWM 106XWales and Edwards Rangemaster
CWM 579XWales and Edwards Rangemaster
J232 YAKWales and Edwards Rangemaster
Q588 GBGWales and Edwards Rangemaster
Q608 GBGWales and Edwards Rangemaster
Q610 GBGWales and Edwards Rangemaster
Q8?? GBGWales and Edwards Rangemaster

Express Dairies, Formby - 2000-2002

This list summarises vehicles observed operating in Formby during the period 2000-2002; they may not all have been in the fleet at the same time.

Registration No.Type
AWE 969G 
LND 643GMorrison Electricar
WWE 995MMorrison Electricar
MBG 172RWales and Edwards Rangemaster
UAT 675RWales and Edwards Rangemaster
JAT 473V 

Bates Farms & Dairy, Southport - 2000-2002

This list summarises vehicles observed operating for Bates during the period 2000-2002.

Registration No.Make
ENB 112DUnknown
KFY 688FUnknown
LWM 654GUnknown
NFY 512HRoss
NFY 827HRoss
FRE 814KRoss
SFY 74KRoss
TWM 270KRoss
UFY 755LRoss
UWM 131LRoss
VWM 143LRoss
YFY 667MRoss
GCK 404NRoss
MFV 212PRoss
NLG 852PMorrison Electricar
OAE 223RMorrison Electricar
CCW 826SRoss
DFV 456WRoss

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