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Here are some vehicles that started life as milk floats, but have been converted for other uses.

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[Photo of MMU 978X]

MMU 978X is a Smiths float that has been converted into a water tanker. It is used during Wetherby in Bloom to water 150 hanging baskets every day from June until the end of September. It carries four interconnected 50-gallon plastic containers, and the pump is powered by a 12-volt convertor fitted to the battery. It has been in use for around ten years.

[MMU 978X in use]

Another photo of MMU 978X, here being used to water one of the 150 baskets.

[Photo of Pink Float]

This converted float is used by Magpie Recycling Co-operative for the recycling collections around Brighton. It was painted pink for the Pride event in 2005! Thanks to Lucy Ochs for the photo and information.

[Photo of AEG 876T]

AEG 876T is one of at least two similar vehicles used at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Not sure exactly what they carry, but obviously not passengers. Another is XAV 477T. Thanks to Dave Root for the photo.

[Photo of JNR 55D]

JNR 55D, "Cyclops," is a Morrison Electricar that was used until recently for ferrying laundry and other items between buildings on a large Cambridgeshire hospital complex. The hospital is being demolished to make way for a new housing estate and Cyclops was found in one of the buildings. It was going to be scrapped but was rescued by one of the contractors who put it on ebay. It is now owned by Martyn Sutton, who provided this photo and the information.

And finally, here is an unusual use for a milk float - as a platform for a mobile mechanical sculpture! Thanks to Dave Root for telling me about this.

If you have any information (or better still, photos) of converted milk floats, please let me know!

There is also a page showing purpose-built Passenger-Carrying Electric Vehicles.

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