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This page shows some milk floats and other electric delivery vehicles that have been operated by the Co-Op in and around Ipswich. Thanks to Stephen Cobb for these pictures.

Stephen has also compiled a Fleet List detailing the electric vehicles operated by the Co-Op, until about 20 years ago. Many of the floats listed are still in use today. They have also recently purchased four new floats - two brand new Smiths Cabacs (Fleet Numbers E3 and E4), and two second-hand floats from another dairy (E1 and E2). If anyone has photographs of the new floats please let me know!

[Photo of CPV 287]

CPV 287: Fleet No. E131D, Smiths/NCB, 1954

[Photo of coal truck APV 94]

A coal float. Electric vehicles used to be used to deliver household coal, but are now a thing of the past since the dramatic fall in the number of homes using coal has pushed the size of a viable round beyond the range of an electric vehicle. APV 94 was one of a pair of Morrisons delivered to Ipswich Co-op in May 1951 (the other being APV 95); they remained in use until the mid 1980s. APV 94, pictured in February 1981, has since been preserved at the Ipswich Transport Museum. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

[Photo of Co-op greengrocery float DPV 767D]

A fruit and veg float. Ipswich Co-op used a number of 1966 Smiths floats like this one on greengrocery delivery rounds. DPV 767D was the only example of its type to receive the blue and white colours. It is pictured on Heath Road, Ipswich on 17th October 1987. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

[Photo of Co-op greengrocery float EPV 285]

Another Ipswich Co-op greengrocery float, EPV 285 is another Smiths, this time dating from 1956. It is seen on Hawthorn Drive in Ipswich on 18th December 1982. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

[Photo of Co-op greengrocery float FDX 346D]

FDX 346D is seen at Co-op's Henslow Road depot in Ipswich on 11th July 1998. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

[Photo of FDX 621D]

FDX 621D: Fleet No. E54GG, Smiths Greengrocery Float, 1967

[Photo of HPV 285]

HPV 285: Fleet No. E169C, Smiths/NCB Flatbed Coal lorry, 1958

[Photo of Co-op greengrocery float JPV 66]

JPV 66, a Smiths/NCB vehicle of 1959 in Burrell Road, Ipswich on 22 May 1982. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

[Photo of KPV 275]

KPV 275: Fleet No. E187GG, Smiths/NCB float, 1960

[Photo of Co-op greengrocery float JPV 73]

JPV 73, a Smiths/NCB greengrocery vehicle of 1958. Photo by Stephen Cobb, 3rd October 1981.

[Photo of coal truck FPV 44]

Smiths electric coal truck FPV 44 was new to Ipswich Co-op in 1956, being one of at least six. All were withdrawn by the early 1980s. FPV 44 is pictured at the coal depot in December 1980. Photo by Stephen Cobb.

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