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[Photo of HED 713E]

HED 713E is a 1967 Morrison D1 and is operated by Harrisons Dairy. It is pictured on Walton Road.

[Photo of HRN 619G]

This Wales and Edwards three wheeled float, HRN 619G, is of the type from which Express Dairies' numerous Rangemasters were rebuilt. Unrebuilt floats such as this one are now quite rare; it is thought to have come to Express via an independent dairy. It is seen on St. John's Road in Waterloo.

[Photo of HRN 619G]

Another view of HRN 619G, travelling along Willoughby Road approaching South Road on its regular round.

[Photo of G897 MHE]

Express Dairies operate a batch of G-registered Yorkshire Electric Vehicles (YEV) floats in the Merseyside area (thanks to Derek Williams for confirming the type). G897 MHE is seen on Lord Street in central Liverpool, painted gold for the Golden Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth.

[Photo of G900 MHE]

Another float from the same batch, G900 MHE seen here in Victoria Street is believed to have been covering G897 MHE's round during the latter's repaint.

[Photo of G899 MHE]

G899 MHE is another member of this batch; the location is Roscoe Street.

[Photo of G897 MHE]

G897 MHE is seen prior to its repaint on Castle Street in Liverpool.

[Photo of MNC 871G]

Also operating in Liverpool city centre is this G-registered enclosed Morrison float, but this time with the G at the other end! MNC 871G is a sister vehicle of MNC 872G which operates in Southport town centre.

[Photo of H837 TDT]

H837 TDT is seen at Canning Place. The manufacturer is M&M Electricars, successors to Morrison.

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