[Tiny Float GIF]M&M Rebodied Morrisons[Tiny Float GIF]

[Photo of UJW 755G]

This angular fibreglass body was produced by M&M Electric Vehicles of Atherstone, the company which took over Morrison in 1983. It was fitted to many older Morrison chassis, either because the old bodywork was worn out, or in some cases simply to modernise the float's appearance. Dairy Crest's UJW 755G is a typical example. Photo by Daniel Hill, posted to the Milko group by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of 289 VP]

During 2002 Express Dairies in Birmingham disposed of a number of Morrisons as surplus, many of which had been rebodied with the new M&M cab. 289 VP is one such vehicle, seen following withdrawal. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of 244 DUK]

Another of the former West Midlands floats, 244 DUK was purchased by the editor of this website for preservation but due to loss of suitable storage it was later sold to a cycling group. It was previously used in Wolverhampton. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of 8440 UK]

8440 UK, another re-cabbed example, displays Avonmore's seven "commandments" of quality service on the transparent sticker with red and black lettering which may be seen on its windscreen. It subsequently went north to work for a furniture maker in the West Lothian area. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of 4088 UK]

4088 UK when pictured was about to enjoy a recharge after its journey from the former dairy site to the storage site south of Birmingham. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of 289 VP]

Another view of 289 VP. Photo by Dave Root.

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