[Tiny Float GIF]Audio and Video Files[Tiny Float GIF]

Here are some audio and video files sent in by readers.

Gary M. has send me this audio recording of a Unigate milk float (MP3, 800k), apparently a Smiths Cabac. Gary says this float has been in service for at least 10 years. He recorded the float simply because he likes the sound it makes: "To me, it just adds to the magical experience of dawn, when the birds wake up and the air is still," he writes.
Couldn't have put it better myself!

Andrew Mackay has also posted two audio files on the Milko group:
A milk delivery (WAV, 180k)
A float starts and drives (heard from the cab) (WAV, 900k)

Adam Ramjhon as also sent me this video clip showing a walk around a Smiths Cabac (Windows Media ASF). He has also put together a milk float site, which includes a milk float for Midtown Madness 2!

Thanks to all for your contributions! Keep them coming in!

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