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Pictures from the Milko Yahoo! Group

This page contains the contents of the Photo Albums created by members of the Milko group at Yahoo!, as at 10th August 2005.

Ati_xx - Created by ati_xx
ChrisHynes - Created by christopherhynes
Dave Fane's Photos - Created by dave_ivanhoe
Electrocute - Created by electruckpeter
Express floats awaiting refurb - Created by dek_williams
Gloucester Dairy and Creamery - Created by donreid103
Harbilt - Created by peterjarman2001
Job's Dairy Hanworth - Created by donreid103
Milk Floats - Created by donreid103
Morrison in Essex - Created by aviation_museum
Paul Luke's Collection - Created by milkbottlenews
Smiths Council Vehicles - Created by peterjarman2001
Unigate - Created by donreid103
Various Floats - Created by donreid103

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