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This distinctive design of bodywork is probably that most readily associated with the name Morrison, and continues to serve many dairies, both national and independent, in large numbers. It enjoyed a long period of production from the 1960s through to the early 1980s, and in addition to new build, a number of older chassis were also rebodied to this style. The "Inner-Glide" doors fit neatly across the windscreen when open, and the large glazed area ensures that the driver's view is not unduly restricted if the float is driven with one or both doors open.

[Photo of KUT 131E]

KUT 131E, a 1967 Morrison operated by Woodgate Dairy, is pictured in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of LDL 790F]

Unigate's LDL 790F (fleet number 91/54) is pictured in St. Helens, Isle of Wight on 28th December 1981. Photo © by Peter Relf.

[Photo of APJ 238H]

Unigate 96/833 (APJ 238H), pictured on Eddeys Lane, Headley, Bordon, Hampshire on 18th February 1981. Photo © by Peter Relf.

[Photo of YWO 995J]

YWO 995J of Clifford's Dairies was photographed at their Windlesham depot in Surrey. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of XOG 336J]

Birmingham Dairies' XOG 336J is an example without doors. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of DPG 241J]

Jones Dairies' Morrison DPG 241J is pictured at the Purley, Surrey depot around the mid 1990s. The float behind is a Smiths. Jones were taken over by Dairy Crest in 2002. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of KOA 403]

KOA 403 is an older chassis rebodied with the Marsden body; its registration indicates that it was first registered in the Birmingham area in 1949-50. It is pictured operating for Stay's Dairy of Aldershot. Photo by Dave Fane.

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