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[Photo of OVP 195G]

OVP 195G is pictured in 1992, about 12 months after Dairy Crest bought out Unigate in the Midlands area. The headboard indicates that the roundsman has taken over the round on franchise. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of JDA 131K]

JDA 131K is one of a number of Morrisons sold off by Express Dairies in the West Midlands in 2002; it is pictured following withdrawal. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of ROG 728M and JDA 131K]

ROG 728M is another float with the same design of bodywork as JDA 131K. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of JUD 704L]

Central Midlands Co-op's JUD 704L (fleet number 9704) is seen operating in Walsall. It is a Morrison with a rear entrance cab similar to that of the Smiths Cabac. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of BVX 17X]

BVX 17X is a more modern version of a rear-entrance cabbed Morrison, with Marsden-style front end. Photo by Paul Brady.

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