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[Photo of 7015 MD]

This small United Dairies Morrison is possibly a D5. Photo posted to the Milko group by Paul Brady.

[Photo of SOG 148]

SOG 148 is 20cwt Morrison D1 first registered in 1955/6 and pictured when new. These vehicles were rebodied twice, to the style carried by OVP 195G and later with the M&M body. Photo posted to the Milko group by Paul Brady.

[Photo of DHJ 43]

Morrison Electricar DHJ 43 is preserved by Whife and Sloper Dairies and attends a number of historic vehicle rallies, as well as occasionally deputising on rounds. Here, it is seen at the Castlepoint Transport Museum open day on 13th October 2002. It was originally built as a bread van, being converted in 1960. Photo by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of DHJ 43]

A rear view of DHJ 43. It was first registered in Southend in 1948/9. Photo by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of VAN 561]

Taylor's VAN 561, pictured at Five Oaks near Billingshurst, is understood to be a Morrison. Its registration indicates that it dates from 1961. Taylor's operations were taken over by Sussex Dairies, then by Unigate and finally Dairy Crest before the depot closed in 2002. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of XVP 152]

Thanks to Paul Williamson for this photo of Co-op 9152 (XVP 152), a Morrison. Paul has made a 1:76 scale model of a similar float, shown below.

[Photo of model milk float]

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