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This page illustrates purpose-built passenger carrying electric vehicles. Another page covers some former milk floats converted for PCV use.

[Photo of Morrison electric minibus]

This photo of a 25-seat Morrison electric bus was posted to the Milko group by Paul Brady. No further details about the vehicle are known.

[Photo of electric minibus L804 HJO]

L804 HJO was one of four electric Optare MetroRiders which formerly operated in Oxford on a circular service called City Circuit. It was operated in partnership with Southern Electric and Oxfordshire County Council. Sadly, like most electric bus experiments it came to an end when the Council decided they could no longer afford to subsidise it. When photographed at the rail station, L804 HJO was still being operated by the Oxford Bus Company. The service was later transferred to OBC's rival Stagecoach for the last few months of operation, before the vehicles were placed in store and eventually sold to Jersey. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of electric minibus S256 AFA]

S256 AFA is one of six Italian-built electric minibuses operated by First in Birkenhead on behalf of Merseytravel. Whilst the 9-seat Tecnobuses have some similarities to milk floats, one important difference is the low floor between the axles, allowing a wheelchair to be carried. More information about these vehicles. In late 2002, a second scheme was introduced in St. Helens, using similar but larger vehicles; See the Tecnobus page for photos.

[Photo of electric minibus AN 959 MT]

The Gulliver Tecnobus can be found operating in many places across Italy, being especially suited to historic centres where streets are narrow and sensitivity to noise, pollution and vibration is heightened. Rome is one such place where they are used. AN 959 MT is operated by local transport undertaking ATAC and is pictured on Via dei Fori Imperiali working circular route 117, which links Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano with Piazza Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of electric minibus BC 657 GC]

Another historic Italian city to which these vehicles lend themselves well is Florence (Firenze), where they run along streets which are out of bounds to petrol and diesel vehicles. They are operated by ATAF (Azienda Trasporti Area Fiorentina). BC 657 GC is seen at Piazza della Stazione, outside the main railway station, Santa Maria Novella. The Italian term for these vehicles is bussini. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of electric minibus CC 152 AF]

A slightly newer example on the island of Ústica, about 60km off the north coast of Sicily, shows the revised front end design. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of electric minibus CC 152 AF]

A photo showing the rear end of the same vehicle. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of electric people carrier AF51 DZH]

This Bradshaw electric vehicle used for carrying passengers, AF51 DZH, was operating at Chatham Historic Dockyard on Sunday 20th April 2003. Photo by Peter Jarman.

Another electric passenger vehicle design, on test at the time of writing at the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial in Althorp, is the TDI Minitram. Thanks to John Hamilton for the report of this vehicle, and for this link to a page about the vehicle including a photo.

See also the separate page covering the milk float conversions operating with the Polperro Tram Co.

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