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Milk floats are probably the best known electric vehicles, but similar vehicles can be found in numerous other uses, as this page aims to show.

[Photo of AWM 257X]

A cake float. Morrison AWM 257X was operated by Satterthwaites Confectioners of Great Crosby near Liverpool until they recently traded it in for a newer electric vehicle. It is seen here outside their shop on Crosby Road North (one of several in the area). Thanks to Roger Wilson for the updated information.

[Photo of K334 UFR]

A rubbish float. Smiths K334 UFR is used by refuse department of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. It is seen at Wigan North Western railway station.

[Photo of UVC 442X]

A newspaper stand float. Morrison UVC 442X (which has lost its V) is seen in Kingston-upon-Hull city centre, collecting newspaper stands.

[Photo of Wallace Arnold float B560 JNL]

A luggage float. Wallace Arnold operate this Smiths float, presumably intended to carry passengers' luggage to and from tour coaches, although it appears to have been carrying a different type of load when photographed at South Minns in August 2002. Photograph by Stephen Hughes, posted to the Milko group by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of Ice Cream Van 682 RMT]

An ice cream float. Walls electric ice cream van 682 RMT is based on the Morrison D1 chassis, commonly used as a milk float chassis. Photograph posted to the Milko group by Paul Brady.

[Photo of Magpie Recycling float BCD 225L]

A recycling float. Magpie Recycling operate this converted Morrison milk float in the Brighton and Hove area, collecting a range of household materials for recycling. More information about the "Green Box" service and the vehicle can be found on Magpie's website. Thanks to Fred Pipes for the photograph.

[Photo of Smiths float LTT 538W]

A static display float. Livebait restaurant near Clapham specialises in fish, and this Smiths float was painted to match the building. I'm told it has since gone.

[Photo of Eden Recycling float]

A skip float. Eden Recycling have converted this old Wales and Edwards milk float for use as a skip vehicle. It is painted in company colours and until recently worked in the yard moving scrap metal and skip waste from place to place, as well as delivering and picking up skips in the town of Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria. The float was new to Robert Wiseman Dairies in East Kilbride, Glasgow and later worked for Grampian Country Chickens at Melkinthorpe, Cumbria, where it was used to distribute corn to chickens. The skip gear is "skip tip" and works off an electro-hydraulic pack with its own battery (so it doesn't risk premature emptying of 6 cells). It can lift a 2½ ton skip of rubble no problem although it travels slowly when loaded. It was withdrawn from use in March 2006 and sold on eBay. Thanks to Adam (who did the conversion) for the photographs above and below.

[Photo of Eden Recycling float]

The Eden float at work in the yard.

[Photo of Lansing tractor]

A railway catering float. Small electric vehicles are put to various uses on many major railway stations, including the transport of parcels and the assistance of mobility impaired passengers. This one at Penzance pulls supplies for on train catering cars - I would guess that the blue tanks are used to convey fresh water, but would appreciate confirmation.

Tom Freeman writes: "I have an old 1958 milkfloat which has now entered service in a new role. Renamed "Envirocart" it now serves aircraft carrying small amounts of cargo and baggage, and being able to supply electric for lighting purposes."

Ray Price writes, of a float he saw some years ago: "At the time that I saw it it was being renovated in a garage in Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan. It was in military colours and had been adapted for the carriage of passengers. I was told that it had been used as a staff car in Whitehall during the war. The last that I heard was that it was owned by a person in Bwlch Near Brecon, South Wales."

Andy Lee writes, of floats used in the film industry: "Did you know that lots of milk floats are used at film studios, if you go to Shepperton or Leavesdon you will find an abundance of them, they have helped to make some of the big block busters, which without their help would probably not have been made. (I haven't seen that many in Pinewood though)"

Finally, the staff of Oxford University Parks use a dark green Smith's Cabac float, similar to those used around the city by Co-op, but having an open platform with no canopy.

Robert Peterka has a site, Das Elektrofahrzeug, with some photos and a video clip of electric vehicles in Austria.

If you have any information (or better still, photos) of electric vehicles at work, please let me know!

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