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A further selection of electric vehicles used in non-dairy roles.

[Photo of F309 XCS]

A number of health authorities use electric vehicles to move supplies, laundry and such like around or between hospital complexes. This Wales and Edwards tractor unit, which appears similar to the Quartermaster design, is used in Scotland. Photo by Peter Jarman.

[Photo of electric delivery van RSC 661H]

RSC 661H, a Smiths electric delivery van which was last used by the Post Office in Nottingham, now serves as a store at Sandtoft museum. Photo by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of J469 SEL]

This Wales and Edwards electric delivery van is used by Dairy Crest in Cambridge, where it was photographed on 13th July 2002. Photo by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of C288 SDL]

Smiths refuse vehicle C288 SDL is believed to have been new to Medina Borough Council, and is seen here in South Street, Newport following transfer to Isle of Wight County Council. Photo posted to the Milko group by Richard Haughey, thanks to Peter Relf and Peter Jarman for additional information.

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