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This page takes a look at the fleet operated by Co-op Midlands Dairies in Oxford during summer 1999. The fleet at this time consisted of about 25 floats, the majority of them Smiths open floats dating from the early 1980s. A few chilled floats were in use, these being branded "Dairyline - Total Chilled Distribution". They included veteran VVP 297, dating from 1958.

[Photo of B116 TBW]

The standard Co-op milk float is typified by 9116, B116 TBW, seen in Ferry Hinksey Road. It is a "Cabac" built by Smiths Electric Vehicles of Gateshead. The majority of the current fleet was built in the early 1980s, 9116 being one of the newest. It wears the latest livery of cream with blue canopy, roof and bumper and blue "Co-op Midlands" logo.

[Photo of A948 JUD]

A948 JUD approaches "home", the Co-op Dairy Distribution Centre on Osney Mead. It is a standard Smiths float like 9116, and unusually carries its front registration number at roof level.

[Photo of A944 JUD]

7944, A944 JUD, displays the older livery of white with blue roof, black bumper and turquoise "Central Midlands Co-op" logo. It is seen returning to the depot along Ferry Hinksey Road.

[Photo of A102 RUD]

A number of floats carry the new logo on the older white livery. A102 RUD, often to be seen in the Woodstock Road area, displays this style along with evidence of where the old logo has been removed. It is pictured near the Osney Mead depot.

[Photo of RUD 473X]

Odd one out amongst the more modern floats is RUD 473X. Although the bodywork appears to be of the Smiths Elizabethan design, the float was in fact manufactured by M&M Electricars (successor to Morrison/Crompton Electricars), as the embossed name on the front panel indicates. Thanks to Richard Lund for identifying it. The float carries the latest cream livery, but without any logos. In this photo, taken on Osney Mead, it appears to be carrying its cab door along with the crates of empties!

An approximate fleet list from 1999 may be found on the Archive Fleet Lists page.

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