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The Cornish harbour village of Polperro is popular with tourists, and because the main street is very narrow and busy with pedestrians, motor traffic is restricted. The Polperro Tram Company, a.k.a. Wrights of Polperro, operate two converted Morrison/Crompton Electricars to carry tourists to and from the car park and bus stop at Crumplehorn at the top of the village. They are supplemented by a converted Bedford petrol van.

[Photo of BEO 731V]

The newer of the two electric "trams" is BEO 731V, named "Dotty". It is licensed to carry 12 passengers. It is pictured negotiating the mini roundabout at Crumplehorn. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of JDR 661F]

JDR 661F, named "Maud", is the second Morrison. It is licensed to carry 16 passengers, having a transverse bench seat in addition to those along the sides. It is pictured at the stop at the top of the village. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of JDR 661F]

A rear view of "Maud" shows the rear platform and passenger saloon. Although the vehicles are designed to resemble open top double deck trams from the front, there is of course no upper deck. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of JDR 661F]

The two trams squeeze past each other travelling in opposite directions on the narrow village street. Photo by Stephen Smith.

[Photo of JDR 661F]

Another photo of JDR 661F, this time negotiating the mini roundabout outside the picturesque Crumplehorn Inn, which I recommend for good beer, food and friendly service! Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of JDR 661F]

"Maud" approaches the terminus near the centre of the village. Passengers receive a 10p discount on doughnuts and ice creams from the nearby shop which is also owned by Wrights. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of REO 207L]

"Maud" and "Dotty" were formerly assisted by "Lizzie", alias REO 207L, but this has now departed. Photo by David Oborn.

[Photo of E334 NRL]

A Bedford Rascal petrol van conversion, "Tinker", also operates alongside the former floats. Photo by Dave Root.

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