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Thanks to Malcolm Quilter for sending me the following selection of photographs:

[Photo of Reading Co-op floats]

In this view, four consecutively-numbered Co-op floats, LDP 82-85, are being loaded with full crates at the Reading depot. According to their registrations these floats date from 1955. I believe them to be Smiths floats, but if anyone could confirm this I'd be grateful.

[Photo of 498 JUS]

This photograph by Studio Cole Limited of Whetstone shows Morrison float 498 JUS operating for Express Dairy. The address below the nearside trafficator reads "Victoria Road, South Ruislip", but from the headboard it would appear that the float, fleet number ME179, was operating in Rickmansworth. The advertisement board shows some of the items available other than milk - from left to right, butter, milkshakes, eggs, orange juice, potatoes, cream, bread. The date is probably sometime during the eighties (the photographer's phone number shown on the back of the print begins 01-).

[Photo of PIK 761]

Hughes Brothers' Dairy of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, operated this Smiths NCB Electric float, PIK 761, seen here with its milkman looking smart in his uniform. The float was presumably supplied by Murphy Electric of Dublin, whose name appears on the back of the print. NCB stood for Northern Coach Builders, who also built bus bodywork before the company specialised in electric vehicles and became SEV. Thanks to David Harrison for identifying the float manufacturer.

[Photo of Smiths float for Co-op]

This picture shows what would appear to be a brand new Smiths Elizabethan float for Co-op - its identity or the area for which it was destined are not known.

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