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[Photo of Q616 GVC]

Express Q616 GVC is seen in South Kensington. It appears to be a rebuilt/rebodied Morrison/M&M.

[Photo of NTV 550M]

Smiths float NTV 550M is seen operating for Express Dairies in Long Eaton, near Nottingham. Photo by Dave Root.

[Photo of MKV 990V]

MKV 990V is an early example of an M&M float, before that company took over Morrison Electricars. The basic design has not changed much although the headlamp recesses were dispensed with. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of A345 RDV]

Wales and Edwards are best known for their three wheeled range but also built four wheelers. Wessex Dairies' A345 RDV is a Wales and Edwards 4/40 - the designation refers to 4 wheels, 40cwt. It was formerly an Express Dairies vehicle, and is pictured at the depot in Bideford, Devon. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of OGS 377V]

Dairy Crest's OGS 377V, seen in Cambridge on 8th June 2002, appears to be a rebodied W&E 4/40. Photo by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of ENR 338L]

This Harbilt float, ENR 338L, operated for Cornish's Dairy of Bodmin for 14 years. Thanks to Nick Sampson for the photograph.

[Photo of NUT 55F]

NUT 55F of Sheaf's Dairies, Luton, is another Harbilt float. The photo was taken in the depot around the time when Sheaf's closed down. I have lost the credit for this photo; please claim it if it's yours!

[Photo of Wiseman float at Glasgow Transport Museum]

This Robert Wiseman Dairies Smiths Cabac is preserved at the Glasgow Transport Museum. I suspect the registration number may be fictitious.

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