[Tiny Float GIF]Wales and Edwards Rangemasters[Tiny Float GIF]

[Photo of RKX 327R]

Dairy Crest's Wales and Edwards Rangemaster RKX 327R is pictured on Chingford Road, Walthamstow on 25th February 2000. Photo © by Peter Relf.

[Photo of KRF 649P]

Dale Farm's KRF 649P, another Rangemaster. Photo posted to the Milko group by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of CAW 719T]

Edgar's Dairies W&E Rangemaster CAW 719T is pictured entering New Milton depot in Hampshire. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of VJT 972L]

VJT 972L appears no longer to be engaged in dairy duties, but is believed to have been a former Unigate float; its registration is from the Bournemouth area. Photo by Peter Jarman.

[Photo of RUX 81X]

Unigate's RUX 81X is another Rangemaster. It is pictured on Bedford Hill in Balham in 2001. Photo © by Peter Relf.

[Photo of BLY 99Y]

BLY 99Y in the livery of Express Dairies differs from other examples on this page in its cab design, with split windscreen and slightly more rounded front panel; it also has twin rear wheels. Dave Harrison tells me that this is a special variant with uprated suspension and greater carrying capacity, built mainly for the more arduous London operations, and is now quite rare. It is pictured on Pimlico Road, London in 2000. Photo © by Peter Relf.

[Photo of Q131 JKR]

Q131 JKR shows a more recent design of cab. It was pictured in use at Chatham Historic Dockyard on 20th April 2003; it still carries the livery and name of its former operator, Unigate. Photo by Peter Jarman.

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