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[Photo of KTB 181]

KTB 181 is a 1947 Brush 40cwt chassis; it was originally built with van bodywork for Chorley Hygienic Laundries as one of a pair, but was rebodied for Bates by Cocker of Southport. The bodywork bears similarities to that on 1970s Ross floats pictured elsewhere on the site. It is seen in Southport in 1982. Photo by Stephen Cobb; thanks to Paul Brady for identifying the float.

[Photo of KTB 181]

Following withdrawal, KTB 181 went into preservation; it is pictured at Crich Tramway Museum in 1992 and is now at BaMMoT, Wythall. In the intervening ten years it had received modifications to its lights and compartment door, and a re-livery. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of DPN 293C]

This curious looking design was known as the Bugden and was operated in large numbers by Job's Dairy; with its upright cab and vertical steering wheel it bore some resemblance to the "Rider Pram" built by Express subsidiary Electruk (Lewis of Watford) and its "Helecs" lookalike built by Ross. DPN 293C is seen in a withdrawn state. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of TNJ 516]

Another withdrawn former Job's Bugden is TNJ 516. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of 6491 AP]

An example pictured in service is 6491 AP, seen in Croydon, Surrey. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of BRY 559B]

BRY 559B was built for Kirby & West Milk Company in Leicester.  They were constructed by the company themselves, over a period of 10 to 15 years.  They were made from a design created by Harold Smith (M.D. of the company) and built in a large workshop at the back of his house in Saffron Lane, Leicester.  They are bodied in flat, aluminium sheet, giving them a particularly 'boxy' style. Three-wheeled versions were also built, and they constructed about 100 vehicles in total, many of which are still in use around Leicester. Thanks to Rod Brannan (Area Manager Kirby & West 1969 to 1977) and Graham Brook for the information. Photo posted to the Milko group by Richard Haughey.

[Photo of TGK 306F]

Clifford's TGK 306F is another float I cannot identify - please let me know if you can! Photo by Dave Fane.

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