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This page takes a look at the milk floats operated by smaller dairies in and around Southport. All fleet lists are compiled from observations, and therefore are not guaranteed to be complete.


Bates is an independent local dairy, which has served the town since 1939. Their attractive light blue and cream milk floats can be seen across Southport from Crossens to Woodvale. The fleet is based at the dairy on Stamford Road.

[Photo of DFV 456W]

The majority of Bates's fleet is made up of Ross floats like DFV 456W. These vary in age from roughly 1970 to 1981. There are at least thirteen of them, and with one exception are locally-registered. DFV is one of two which have a slightly different appearance from the others, with a recess around each headlight; the lights themselves are also different.

[Photo of VWM 143L]

VWM 143L is the other float whose front end is like DFV 456W, but with rectangular indicator/marker light units.

[Photo of VWM 143L]

VWM 143L received a repaint not long after the first photo. It has not yet received names in this view on Russell Road.

[Photo of SFY 74K]

Another Ross float in the Bates fleet is SFY 74K. It displays the more common design of front dash panel. It is pictured here on Scarisbrick New Road on its regular round.

[Photo of OAE 223R]

Bates's town centre delivery vehicle is OAE 223R, a Morrison Electricar. It has rather more elaborate bodywork than most milk floats, with several compartments in addition to the usual platform area. The registration suggests that it originates from the Bristol area.

Click here for a fleet list summarizing the vehicles I have noted operating for Bates Dairies in Southport. (It is based on my own observations and is not an official list.)


Rosebank Dairy is based in Ainsdale, on the southern outskirts of Southport. They operate a Ross float in the Ainsdale and Woodvale area.

[Photo of WWM 951M]

Rosebank's Ross milk float WWM 951M is seen on Kenilworth Road, Ainsdale. It has the front panel design as seen on Bates's DFV 456W.

Ferry Dairy

Ferry Dairy operate two Morrison floats in Banks, Lancashire.

[Photo of 7 BUA]

Pictured at the Riverside Caravan Park is Ferry Dairy's 7 BUA, a Morrison float whose registration would doubtless be quite valuable were it not for the fact that transfers from electric milk floats are not permitted. The lettering reads "Daisy Dairy", the float's former owner in the Accrington area.

[Photo of WWE 996M]

Ferry Dairy's second float is WWE 996M, which as may be deduced from its livery was previously owned by Express Dairies. It is seen on Gravel Lane, Banks.

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