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This page takes a look at the milk floats operated by Express Dairies in and around Southport. The fleet list is compiled from observations, and is not guaranteed to be complete.


Express Dairies' Southport floats are based on Norwood Road, whilst the area office and dairy are in Aintree. There is also a depot in Formby.

The fleet includes a number of the three wheeled Rangemaster model built by Wales and Edwards (W&E) of Shrewsbury, several older Morrison Electricars, and a few other types.

[Photo of UAT 675R]

A number Wales and Edwards Rangemaster floats are operated. UAT 675R is seen in Formby. It was registered in the Hull area, as were many of this type, it being the headquarters of Northern Dairies, later Dale Farm and Express Dairies. The Rangemaster has a 36 volt, 3 horsepower AEI motor.

[Photo of MBG 173R]

This Rangemaster, seen on Newton Street, was registered in Liverpool, and displays the single headlight variant.

[Photo of KWA 210J]

Morrison float KWA 210J was used in the High Park area until summer 2001, where it delivered your editor's milk.

[Photo of LWE 766K]

KWA 210J was replaced on the above round by similar but slightly newer LWE 766K, which is painted in the latest Express livery.

[Photo of LKD 249R]

Another similar but newer example of the same type is LKD 249R, which serves Woodvale.

[Photo of UWM 905V]

UWM 905V was Express's town centre float when it was photographed outside the MTL (now Arriva) bus company office on Eastbank Street. It is a Wales and Edwards four wheeled float. It has since been replaced by a much older enclosed float.

[Photo of JWA 317J]

Smiths float JWA 317J, seen here on Guildford Road, is presumed withdrawn having not been observed for some time.

Click here for a fleet list summarizing the vehicles I have noted operating for Express Dairies in Southport and Formby. It is based on my own observations and is not an official list.

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