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This page shows the electric Tecnobus Pantheons, six of which are used on free services in St. Helens. They are operated on behalf of the Passenger Transport Executive, Merseytravel, by Selwyn's of Runcorn, who also operate (among other things) the Liverpool Airport shuttle service and National Express coach services, using more conventional buses! More details of the fleet (the note saying the Tecnobuses were withdrawn is because they were taken out of service for quite a number of months while some technical or structural problems were addressed. At the time of writing, they are back in full service). Thanks to Dave Root for all the photos on this page.

[Photo of electric minibus DE52 NWY]

DE52 NWY, Fleet Number 190

[Photo of electric minibus DE52 NXU]

DE52 NXU, Fleet Number 191

[Photo of electric minibus DE52 NXV]

DE52 NXV, Fleet Number 192

See also Passenger-carrying Electric Vehicles, which shows a range of similar vehicles

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