[Tiny Float GIF]Crompton Electricars Thrulines[Tiny Float GIF]

[Photo of ABW 558R]

This unusual design of float is the Thruline, also known as the Oxcart, produced by Crompton Electricars in the 1970s. This example, ABW 558R, was operating for Elm Farm in Cirencester in June 1980. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of OOV 242R]

A rear view of another example, OOV 242R, shows clearly the unusual walk-through layout, giving easy covered access to the whole load. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of XJH 483T]

A rear view of two more Thrulines, XJH 483T nearest the camera, at the Yateley depot of Clifford's Dairies in the 1980s. Photo by Dave Fane.

[Photo of OOV 242R]

A front view of OOV 242R. Photo by Paul Brady.

[Photo of OOV 242R]

Front offside view of the same float. Photo by Paul Brady.

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