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Date Page Changes
FAQ FAQ updated to reflect the abolition of the Tax Disc and other updates and corrections.
FAQ Details of seat belt requirements added to FAQ and all links checked

HHJ 852N New page added showing pictures of the site owner's own Morrison Electricar milk float.
FAQ "Can I transfer a cherished number plate to or from an electric milk float?" added to FAQ
FAQ updated and broken links repaired.

Random Selection 6
Details of BRY559B added, thanks to Rod Brannan and Graham Brook.

Wales & Edwards Souvenir Brochure added, thanks to Martin Cleaver.

Random Selection 7
New page created with six photos sent to me by Peter Davenport.
04/08/2010 Back Online! Milk Float Corner is back after a few days of downtime caused by the domain registrar failing to remind me to renew the domain, and it expiring. Sorry about that! I have now transferred the domain to a more reliable registrar, so hopefully it should not happen again.
Also, apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have a few updates pending, but never seem to find time to update the site these days.
20/02/2007 Documents Service Manual covering a number of Crompton/Morrison floats added.
22/12/2006 For Sale The list of floats for sale has been moved to a separate page.
17/12/2006 Lost Updates rediscovered! When I took over this site from Dave Root a couple of years ago, I only had an old archive version to work with. Some of the more recent updates were therefore lost - until now! Dave recently discovered his copy of the final version of the site, before it was taken down, and I have now re-integrated all of those updates into the current site. Here is a summary of the changes. Many thanks Dave for sending me the archive!
  Morrison Marsden 2 New page created with seven photos.
  Morrison Other Designs New page created with three new photos and two moved from former West Midlands page.
  M&M Rebodies New page created with one new photo and five moved from former West Midlands page.
  Morrison Older Floats New page created with five new photos and two moved from Random Selection 1.
  Random Selection 2 Four new photos added.
  Wales and Edwards Rangemasters Five new photos added; page renamed from Random Selection 3.
  Wales and Edwards New page created with four new photos, two moved from Liverpool page and two moved from former Random Selection 3.
  Smiths Floats New page created with eight photos.
  Morrison Marsden 1 New page created with seven photos.
  Random Selection 6 New page created with seven photos.
  Other EVs (1) Two photos added to this page.
  Ipswich Floats Some previously lost photos of Ipswich Co-op vehicles by Stephen Cobb added.
  Other EVs (2) New page created with four photos.
  Passenger EVs Two photos added to this page.
  Milk Float Race Three photos of "go-faster" floats, real and imitation, are added to this page.
  Co-op, Oxford Images sharpened.
  Smiths Cabacs New page created with seven photos.
  Pedestrian Controlled Two more photos of pedestrian controlled floats are added to what was Random Selection 4, but is now renamed Pedestrian Controlled Floats.
  Archive Fleet Lists Page created for old listings of floats. For the time being, all lists from elsewhere on the site have gone onto this new page, as most of them are probably not current any more.
  Co-op, Oxford The corrupted JPEG image of B116 TBW has been replaced.
  Links Link to Ipswich Transport Museum added; Floatec EVM link updated; Express link changed following merger with Arla
29/11/2006 Documents Sevcon speed controller manual PDF added.
28/11/2006 Floats in the Arts Two film appearances added to the Films section.
24/11/2006 FAQ Details of London Congestion Charge exemption added.
  Converted Floats Pink recycling float added.
  Buying Page Another For Sale advert included, and details of some EV specialists updated.
  Floats in the Arts Several new TV programmes added, and the page re-arranged for clarity.
  Several pages Several pages updated with newly-received information - thanks to all contributors.
25/03/2006 Several Updates New pictures added to Converted Floats and Latest Designs, and a new page of Electric Buses added. Also updated the Smith Electric Vehicles details, added Electricars to the Manufacturers page, and more EV Specialists to the Buying page. Link to John Baynham's Job's Dairy site added to Links page. A couple of new FAQs added.
30/08/2005 Milko Pictures Photo galleries from the Milko Yahoo! group added.
15/05/2005 Milk Float Manufacturers Details of Q Electric Vehicles Limited added to Manufacturers page.
01/02/2005 More Pictures and Media added This update includes some of the pictures I have been sent recently for inclusion on the site. See Converted Floats and New Designs. Stephen Cobb has also sent me some excellent pictures of vintage Ipswich Co-Op Floats. I have also been sent some Audio and Video files, and have added a Documents page.
16/08/2004 Picture Index added The Pictures pages are now indexed from a separate page, in an effort to 'tidy up' the main index page. Also an FAQ page has been added - input would be welcome!
24/07/2004 Under New Management As of 24th July 2004, maintenance of this site has been taken on by Martin Rees and Tim Fardell. See the main index page for details.
19/11/2003 Polperro Tram Co. Photo by Stephen Smith added.
14/09/2003 Morrison Three-Wheeled Floats New page created with three photos by Paul Brady.
  Crompton Electricars Thrulines New page created with five photos by Dave Fane and Paul Brady.
11/09/2003 Milk Float Speed Trial Page corrected - VXL Automotive is not connected with Bluebird Automotive, except in that the latter acted as design and vehicle development consultants.
09/09/2003 Milk Float Speed Trial New page created with five photos covering the speed trial on 27th August.
  Polperro Tram Co. New page created with six new and one pre-existing photos of the converted floats in Polperro.
  Buying Page A restored 1966 float available for private sale is listed.
  Random Selection 3 Additional information about BLY 99Y is added, thanks to Dave Harrison.
26/07/2003 Random Selection 4 New page created with two photos of pedestrian controlled electric floats.
  Random Selection 5 New page created with one photo of a float converted for use as a private vehicle.
  Buying Page An additional electric vehicle specialist, D & M, is added
Driving licence information is amended to include the Group L licence.
  Floats in the Arts "The Early Bird" starring Norman Wisdom is added to the Films section
"The Avengers" episode "The Hour That Never Was" is added to the TV section, plus a sound clip
  Links A link to a BBC news article about EVs is added
  All photo pages CSS code is altered to make the captions line up with the photos!
    More additions should be coming soon!
13/07/2003 Press Release Press Release by Wellington Films on behalf of the newly created World Milk Float Speed Association is added, available in Word or HTML format. [These files are no-longer available]
    Apologies again for the recent lack of updates - more will be coming soon!
26/05/2003 Updates Recent Updates page created
  Other EVs 2 Four Italian passenger EV photos added
  Random Selection 3 New page created with five photos added

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